Wednesday, November 6, 2013

state of the union

so here's the thing: 

I have been doing a lot of sewing and knitting lately, as well as a lot of cycling, and these are all things I would like to blog about. 

unfortunately as you may remember our camera is broken and really it's not that fun blogging with crap pictures from your iPhone, so I really am finding that instead of do a bunch of terrible posts I'd rather just wait until le camera is fixed. 

thus I do not think I will be doing much blogging for the next few weeks/months. 

just wanted to throw that out there. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

handspun gloves

i am slowly knitting up all the yarn i spun during the Tour de Fleece. most recently, i knitted a pair of fingerless gloves from my gradient Corriedale. (i also have a hat to post about.)

these gloves are a bit of an experiment as they do not have thumb holes. i have knitted fingerless gloves with thumb before, and i found that sometimes they can be a bit of a bother in situations where you need to access your wrists or push up your sleeves, as i often do. therefore i have made these. 

also, i was very interested to find that, though i initially thought this yarn was underspun, it seemed quite bouncy and balanced when i knitted with it. 

i was worried that the Corriedale would be too itchy against my skin but the times i have worn them i have not noticed any problems. they are rather a bit more colorful than what i usually wear but as they are quite warm and cozy i think i will get lots of use out of them. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

woolly socks

what with the recent onset of fall (cue Hallelujah Chorus) I have been wearing my handknit wool socks as much as I can. 
these three pairs were knit over the summer, which I really like doing – in the summer its easier to knit on something small with cool metal needles than to knit on a sweater or even a hat or gloves. plus it's lovely to go to your sock drawer in the fall and find all these fresh new pairs of handknit socks waiting for you to wear them. 

(yes, these are all Instagram photos, haha)

sadly I only have four pairs. fortunately Socktober is right around the corner (I recommend searching for the Socktober group on Ravelry as well), and the WNY Fiber Festival is this Saturday (eeee!) so I'm hoping to get a bunch of sock yarn and knit up many new pairs. I may also attempt to spin some yarn for socks, but that's only a very tentative plan. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

inspiration: woody allen movies

gosh, it's been a while since i've done an inspiration post, hasn't it? 
well anyway, i watched To Rome With Love a couple of weeks ago and ever since then i've been thinking about the marvelous clothes in that movie, and in fact all of woody allen's movies. here i've chosen three to highlight in particular: Midnight in Paris, To Rome With Love, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. 

mostly i just love how they look like clothes that actual people would wear, and not like typical uber-trendy movie clothes, but i also love that all of these outfits are incredibly simple and comfortable looking. also, it's incredibly refreshing to see women in a movie who are not dressed to look absolutely as ravishingly attractive as they can be – which is not to say that they don't look beautiful, all of them, just that it's not the most important thing about them. 

also, lea seydoux's JEANSSSS

Monday, September 9, 2013

diy thread rack

i used to keep my thread in a drawer. 
as it turns out, however, keeping your thread in a drawer is not a good idea. 
because thread, when stored in a drawer, gets TANGLED. 
(speaking of which, did anyone catch that on Disney Channel last weekend? such a good movie.) 

so, after deciding that i definitely needed one but didn't want to pay $10 for a wooden thread rack at Joann's, i scoured pinterest for diy thread racks, and then i made this celestial beauty:

a piece of plywood, sanded down and sponge-printed with triangles, into which i pounded 36 two-and-a-half-inch finishing nails. 

i used this tutorial as a guideline, but i also love this one (mine turned out a lot more like the second one than the first). unlike in the tutorial, i hammered my nails in at a slight upward angle.
my mum and i agreed that we like the slight wonkiness of it, but certain other family members had their doubts. that's all right, though, because it works absolutely wonderfully.

also, did you know that Gutermann makes 100% recycled polyester thread? i am incredibly excited about this. the next time i go to Joann's, i'm going to buy some and test it out. fingers crossed it's just as good as the regular Gutermann's thread!